nellie jonsson

a plate with crabs, lobsters, and lemons on it

artist b.1992, SE

i live and work in oslo (NO)Ā 


instagram: @nellie414

a sculpture of a bottle of wine and a piece of meat on a wooden board
a coffee table in a room with a bottle of wine on it
a plate with a green cake on it
a ceramic tray with candles on top of it
a blue and orange plate with a piece of food on it
a coffee table in a room
a coffee table with a picture on it
a three tier sculpture of seafood on a pedestal
a sculpture of a crab sitting on a white surface
a bowl of mussels sitting on top of a white shelf
a white shelf with vases and a candle on it
a blue ashtray with a cigarette in it
a yellow candle holder with three candles on it